Folks, this is seriously bad news.

There IS a solution. YOU can be part of it. Watch.

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Watch this video and see how this affects you:

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And then learn about the solution... down arrow

Here's the amazing PKI construction material that the solution is made of:

what is pki

PKI has been around a long while. Now it needs to be deployed properly to actually solve our problems. Learn about PKIDR – PKI Done Right – in this video:

pki done right

Thanks for watching our videos. You’ve seen how real accountability will bring real security and real privacy to your world.

... but only if people like you join us in building an information infrastructure that supports real accountability, real security, and real privacy.

It works. Let's build it.

We've already started, but we need your help.

You can join us by:

  • Participating in the governance of the City of Osmio, or
  • Through your financial contribution to ensure that Osmio gets up and running on its own
  • Or both!
Show me how I can be part of the solution!

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